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Kwiki (0.38) **

Sorry, this is not a troll...

After hearing about kwiki today, I tried installing it. The documentation is lousy (doing it in the wiki plays to a weakness of the wiki format). I followed the instructions I could find. The cpan install failed - I fixed it by installing something manually (Spoon?).

After this I went to my new wiki home page, to be greated by an error message (couldn't find plugin for action 'display').

What a great start!

By chance I happened to try kwiki -add Kwiki::Display after looking in the plugins file. This worked.

I then tried to follow the instructions I could find on installing plugins. I edited the plugins file and uncommented a line, kwiki -update then told me I had something installed twice. The error message pointed me to a URL that did not solve my problem.

I tried installing Kwiki::Atom with cpan. Cpan bombed out twice in the process (not the fault of kwiki, I know, but still).

So overall, a VERY bad first impression. If this is easy to install folks, I can't wait to see whay you mean by user friendly :-)

By the way, kwiki sounds good. I like the approach, believe it is lightweight, and I'm sure plugins are the way to go. I've installed and played with (and hacked on) 3 other wikis, including WikiMedia and some other perl effort. I've been using UNIX for 23 years, including many years doing sysadmin work, so I feel justified in saying that kwiki (at least in the version I installed (0.38 on Mandrake linux with perl 5.8.3) was absolutely NOT a breeze to get going.