Reviews by Tempire


Date-Manip (6.25) *****

The fact that this module exists, with it's easy handling of natural language, is amazing. Thanks for the module, it's saved much time, and increased the level of usability for my application considerably.

I support the 5.10 requirement as well; those who don't/can't/won't upgrade for whatever reason have no reason to expect the latest features. Find a way, or live with the consequences.

Test-Class-Most (0.05) *****

Brilliant. Attributes are a nice touch.

Mojolicious (0.999927) *****

The new hipness in web frameworks; alleviates all your Ruby-envy.

There are no dependencies - that's right - NO DEPENDENCIES.

It is simple yet flexible, in that you can have full and lite configurations; Mojolicious lite apps allow for embedding of an entire application (including binary data) in one file, making deployment dead simple.

Most important of all, it's pretty. If you want to understand how it works, reading Mojolicious code is pleasure - no magic, just standard Perl.

It also makes you pie.