Reviews by Tom Browder



Data-Structure-Util (0.15) *****

This hitherto-unknown module solved my problem: unblessing a Data::Dumper dump of a C syntax parse tree from Parse::RecDescent. Now I think I can eventually reconstruct the original C source and manipulate the items I need to change to automatically create D bindings. Thanks for your generous work and contributions to the Perl community and FOSS!

Spreadsheet-DataToExcel (0.0103) *****

I have used and appreciated John McNamara's excellent Spreadsheet:: modules for many years to generate complex spreadsheets, but now, when I have simpler needs this module is just the ticket. So far it has worked flawlessly.

WWW-Google-Contacts (0.35) *****

The package is excellent, but the political statement in the examples is offensive and diminishes both the author and his work.