Reviews by Tom Browder


Contenticious (0.35) *****

Excellent module. It enabled me to kit bash a good-looking website for a friend in a very short while. Thanks, Mirko!

App-GitGot (1.330) *****

I have loved this module since I discovered it in early 2015. The author quickly answered my questions and was very receptive to my suggestions. It makes submission of pull requests for forked projects very easy, which is a great boon to me since I am very interested in supporting the Perl 6 projects where I am able. Thanks, genehack!

WWW-Google-Contacts (0.39) *****

The package is excellent. I look forward to it working with the new API, and I'll see if I can help.

Data-Structure-Util (0.15) *****

This hitherto-unknown module solved my problem: unblessing a Data::Dumper dump of a C syntax parse tree from Parse::RecDescent. Now I think I can eventually reconstruct the original C source and manipulate the items I need to change to automatically create D bindings. Thanks for your generous work and contributions to the Perl community and FOSS!

Spreadsheet-DataToExcel (0.0103) *****

I have used and appreciated John McNamara's excellent Spreadsheet:: modules for many years to generate complex spreadsheets, but now, when I have simpler needs this module is just the ticket. So far it has worked flawlessly.