Reviews by matt cashner


quote (0.2) *

please stop uploading cgis to cpan. especially crappy cgis. especially crappy cgis that can't be installed anywhere because you havent figured out how ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build works. cpan is filled with enough crap as it is. please go away.

CGI-NeedSSL (0.07) *

why does this module exist? to give longer names to's simple api? and for heaven's sake, why have there been 8 versions of it? cmon now. while i understand that cpan can be the wild west of the perl community, i think one should have more restraint than this when pondering "what code of mine is worthy to upload for the whole world to see?"

HTML-Mason (1.22) ****

Mason is a wonderful application development system. When coupled with mod_perl, it's unstoppable. My only issue with it is the embedded perl. This is not optimal for situations where the HTML people are not programmers. But for all the rest of us, I highly recommend this module set for all your WWW needs.

POE (0.26) *****

I'm a little biased, but POE rocks. Its the R in RAD. POE allows me to whip out applications and new frameworks in record time. There is also a great community surrounding POE which is full of ideas, heckels, and fun acronyms. :)