Reviews by Stevan Little


HTTP-Tiny (0.014) *****

I love the direction this module is going. In our web-connected world, nothing is more important then a fast and flexible web client. Sure LWP is a workhorse, but it is starting to show it's age.

Try-Tiny (0.02) *****

This module should be in everyones tool box. It is small, has zero-dependencies, uses no black magic and just does exception handling right so you don't have to worry about it.

There is simply no excuse to NOT be using it, nuff said.

CatalystX-AppBuilder (0.00001) *****

Haven't used this yet, but this is something I have always wanted in Catalyst and always been annoyed by the lack of it. I look forward to seeing where this module goes.

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) *****

Bug Menot, I don't think you understand, Yuval Kogman is the voice of his generation. I did hear that Larry Wall called him a "jackass", but that was off-the-record.

Yuval, this module totally deserves Module of the Year if it doesn't win you should boycott CPAN.

FormValidator-LazyWay (0.07) *****

Moritz, lack of English docs a bad module does not make. Either read the code (Perl is the universal language of CPAN, *NOT* english) or run the docs through an online translation engine before making such quick judgements.

Religion-Islam-Quran (1.0) *****

This is an attempt to cancel out the insanely ignorant review by Jenda Krynicky.

CHI (0.26) *****

Excellent module, does exactly what it is supposed to do and does it really well. It took me no time at all to configure and implement a nicely namespaced cache. And when I realized that the Memcached driver didn't support the clear method, it only took about 2 minutes two switch over to the DBI driver instead. Great job Jonathan!

Perl-Critic-Moose (0.999_002) *****

Horray! This is an awesome start and something that has been long needed in the Moose community. So glad to see this gaining momentum.

Data-Visitor-Encode (0.10004) *****

Brilliant use of the Data::Visitor module, this one is definitely going in my toolbox.

Data-UUID (1.148) *****

Excellent module that Just Works. It makes adding UUIDs to you application really easy. Highly recommened.

Squatting (0.21) *****

Haven't used it yet, but ++ for using Continuity and ++ for porting Camping to Perl. Oh yeah, and ++ for the name too :)

Task-BeLike-RJBS (1.001) *****

The first time I saw RJBS, from across the room at YAPC, I knew right then an there, I wanted to be like RJBS. His wonderful Cmd of all things App, his ability to Mixin all the ExtraFields, the powerful way in which he Exported and Installed Subs and of course his overwhelming Rubric-ness.

And now, all this too can be yours (and mine), with just a simple command at your cpan prompt!

(oh yeah, and ++ cause this also installs Moose too)

Acme-Tiny (0.4) *****

This module is clearly not Tiny, it used lots of memory *AND* cpu during the installation process by loading both strict and warnings and running code in ExtUtils::MakeMaker. It followed by running 4 completely unnecessary tests (and loading the insanely resource heavy Test::More module, you could almost fry an egg on my motherboard!). Thank god I didn't have Test::POD or Test::Pod::Coverage installed or it might have started a fire!

If this module were *truely* ::Tiny, it would not have bothered to install itself at all!

Also note that the author used a lib/ directory adding an additional 63 bytes to the .tar.gz file. People, come on, disk space is not free!!!

5 star rating, but only for the reviews, not the module itself.

JSON-XS (1.53) *****

As far as I am concerned, this is the only JSON module you will ever need. It is fast (which I don't really care that much about, but it's a nice bonus), it is complete (the *only* JSON module which handles unicode correctly) and it is simple to use. We use it at work to produce medium-large (anywhere from 20-120K when saved to disk) JSON structures in 5 different languages (including Japanese), and it Just Works.

Excellent module, highly recommended.

Path-Class (0.16) *****

Path::Class is fastly becoming a core part of my toolkit, its much nicer then what I used to use (File::Spec::Functions) but yet inherits all the stability and cross-platform knowledge from File::Spec. Excellent module, highly recommened.

Sub-Exporter (0.976) *****

I have always disliked, and writing your own &import subs is tedious and error prone. Sub::Exporter makes all that pain and suffering go away. It is a modern replacement for the aging, and so much more. Next time you find youself writing @EXPORT = (...), think twice and reach for Sub::Exporter instead, you will be happy you did.

Moose-Tiny (0.0.1) *****

Hilarious social commentary on the absurd concept of second level namespace ownership. Nuff said.

Perl6-Junction (1.30000) *****

Excellent module, well documented and tested. I use this regularly and have it in several production sites.

This module should *not* be confused with other Perl6:: modules, many of which tend to be prototypes, experiments or toys. This is a solid module which you can use right now in your Perl 5 code.

base-ball (v0.0.4) *

The author has clarified the usage of this module in the POD, and so while I am still not a fan of the technique it uses ((mis)using inheritance to make many functions available as "class" methods), I will up the documentation score since he explains and caveats things pretty well.

This module is another example of why Perl 5 OO has such a bad name. Inheritence and IS-A relationships should not be used to import tons of methods into a single namespace (aka - the God Object, see wikipedia or the C2 wiki if you don't know what it is). This module should *not* be in the base:: namespace, because honestly it has *nothing* to do inheritence. And this is just the tip of the iceberg (yes, I think this module has many hidden dangers along with its total warping of OO theory) see the RT bug queue for a good discussion of these dangers.

Acme-Placeholder (0.04) *****

I laughed, I cried, I sh*t my pants. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and 8 Whammys!

YAML-Syck (0.71) *****

It is fast, it is easy to use and it Just Works(tm). This module is highly recommended any time you need to store data structures of any kind (conf files, database fixtures, kitchen sinks, anything!).

Nuff said!

CAM-PDF (1.05) ****

Great module for reading and analyzing PDF files, something which was seriously lacking from CPAN. The interface can seem daunting at time, but there are some real useful gems in it. The author is also very responsive and answered all my questions. Thumbs Up! ... oh yeah,..and its Pure Perl too :)

Test-Strict (0.01) ****

This is a great idea! I especially like the code coverage testing option (although it will slow the tests down a lot). I look forward to testing this module out soon.

DBD-mysqlPP (0.04) *****

I have only used this module a few times, mostly when DBD::mysql wasn't easily available, and it worked great for me every time. But I am giving it 5 stars for another reason.

Whenever I needed to know something about how the internals of DBDs work, I refer to the source code for this module. Even though the code has no comments what so ever, it is still some of the easiest to read perl code I have ever encountered. If you ever want to write your own DBD, I highly recommend reading and reviewing the source of this module as a starting point.

SQL-Translator (0.09004) *****

This is an update to an old review:

Works great now, top notch!

Test-Exception (0.15) *****

Very nice, very strightforward way of testing your exceptions. I highly recommend it.

Devel-Cover (0.45) *****

Devel::Cover has become an indispensable part of my development toolkit. Using it has increased the quality of my tests, which in turn has increased the quality of my modules. I believe using this module has made me a better programmer by giving me insight into my code that I never had before. Highly Recommended!!

Test-Deep (0.085) *****

Top notch module! It is exactly as advertised "Extremely flexible deep comparison". This module saved me many hours of tedious "manual" deep test writing. Its interface is very sofisticated, and can seem at times to be complex, but once you get your head around it, you will happy you did.

HTML-Template (2.6) *****

Dont leave home without it! Its an indispensable part of my toolkit.