Reviews by Steve Peters


time (1.0014)

Why does this module exist? It appears to be a complete waste of kilobytes.

template (1.11) *

Two really big problems with this module. First, its name is lower-case which should be reserved only for pragmas. Second, the template name will confuse people with Template, the main module for Template Toolkit.

DBA (0.01) *

"What an incredible smell you've discovered!" I wish there were a way to delete others modules, since this module does nothing. It literally is just the straight h2xs output with no changes. What a waste of disk space. I urge the author to delete this as soon as possible.

FactorOracle (0.01) *

The is no documentation for what this module does.

IO-All (0.12) *****

A most excellent module. The io('filename')->slurp alone makes it a keeper. Forking network servers in as few as a couple lines of code. This module does it all with a simply elegent interface. I highly recommend it.

Haver-Server (0.04) *

Without documentation, its really hard to say what this is.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) *

What a waste of space!

Unix (0.02) *

This module does have some value. As most functional programmers will say, you rebuild the language to solve your problem. This module does solve an abstraction problem. There is always a cost, though. In this case, the module is somewhat large.

I do, however, like many others, have issues with the name of the module. Anyone who's attempted to find a useful module for Python or Ruby will know what I'm talking about. Namespace pollution is a serious issue for CPAN and a valid criticism here. On top of that, the name is ... well, it just sucks. The UNIX:: namespace should be reserved for modules that are UNIX-specific. This module does not appear to be. Also, the name is not at all descriptive of either its functionality or or other modules it may be related to. For example, the documentation mentions Pipe and Proc::SafePipe were investigated and didn't fit the purpose. So maybe Proc::SafePipe::Simple would be a better name? As far as the idiom being UNIX inspired, so if I had a module that was buggy and broke down, should I call it "Yugo". That's just ridiculous. So, if I had a module that I developed on Windows that listed a directory with a function called "dir", I could call it "Win32".

Finally, using the documentation to argue your point. Poor taste. Newsgroups, PerlMonks, etc. are great places for this, not your module.