Reviews by Jack Coates


GD-Barcode (1.15) ***

The documentation is a bit sparse, but it's effective enough. It would be great if this module could do everything that Terry Burton's does.

Win32-TieRegistry (0.26) *****

well-documented module with excellent examples.

Config-Tiny (2.12) *****

easy to learn and fun to use

Win32-API (0.58) *****

extremely useful tool

Nmap-Parser (1.19) *****

very nice module

Win32-EventLog-Message (HASH(0xa2a0860)) *****

Easy and effective.

Win32-EventLog (0.076) ***

Useful concept, but I've found that it will silently fail if you open and close more than once in a program; you have to read everything you want from the eventlog in one go.

Win32-EventLog-Carp (1.42) *

nice idea, but it didn't appear to work.

Win32-GUI (1.06) *****

An extremely powerful and useful module... the documentation and tutorials are scattered and occasionally out-of-date though, which makes it more difficult to learn.

Lingua-EN-Inflect (1.89) *****

I love this module

Net-Traceroute-PurePerl (0.10) *****

Nice module. One gotcha is that it doesn't do its own eval, so you must make sure that it didn't timeout or run into problems.

RRD-Simple (1.44) *****

Excellent and extremely useful module, with a helpful author. My only quibble is that you cannot specify the path to RRD files on Win32 platforms.

File-ReadBackwards (1.04) ****

Nice module, easy to use. I have found that it will sometimes crash when you close its handle, though.

Crypt-Blowfish (2.10) *****

extremely easy to use.

Graph-Easy (0.64) *****

I use this module to auto-generate network graphs; very nice.

Perl-Critic (1.087)

Invaluable to me -- this and perltidy make my code much more maintainable.