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List-AllUtils (0.02) *****

Very good module. It provides what List::Util and List::MoreUtils provide but it's very good for everyday use.
The documentation has examples and mentions what the parameters and return values are.

Math-Numbers (0.000000001) ***

There is no reference of the so-called "Bluto algorithm" anywhere as far as I can see,it must be made up since even google's only result for this query is the POD documentation of Math::Numbers.
The naming for the module is not really telling anything about what
it does.
Also the GCD method will return undef for a set of numbers containing 0.
The documentation is ok, but the code needs some work, more tests
it just has the test
use Test::More tests => 1;
BEGIN { use_ok('Math::Numbers') };

So ... between no tests, the naming and the non-existing Bluto Algorithm I rate this module a 3.
(I have actually tried to use it and went for Math::BigInt which had
a good bgcd() method that I needed).

Data-Dumper (2.125) *****

This module works ok for me.

I cannot complain , 5 stars :)

Maybe a little more details:

I use it when debugging, it's easy to visualize data structures with it.
However, when you want to visualize some big structure, for example a HTML::TreeBuilder object it will produce a big tree(which is what I would expect) in which case Data::TreeDumper would probably be more useful as it can display data structures in many ways.

If the depth of the tree that results is too big it will overflow the line width of your console so that's where the visualization problems begin.

A good renderer for this would be the best way to solve the problem.

Text-Table (1.114) *****

Very good module.
Documentation 5 stars.
Interface 5 stars
Ease of use 5 stars
Overall 5 stars !!
I really like just to read the SYNOPSIS skim a bit through the
docs and jump to writing code and this module was the kind of module
that allowed me to do this, so I'm happy with it.

Wx (0.93) ****

I like Wx but I am not very satisfied with the documentation.
I am using it in a module of mine. I like the interface , it's easy to use but documentation is lacking and when using Wx in Perl I had some difficulties with the docs that's why now I use online code as a poor-man's replacement for reference or documentation so I will give this module 4 stars because of this problem. When it will be fixed I will update my rating with a better one.
But keep up the good work, I like Wx !

Algorithm-Permute (0.12) *****

This is a good module.
I have used it in my module CM::Permutation to generate permutations.
My only problem with it is that I think the identity permutation should be
generated before any other one,so the current generation order should be reversed, or the interface should provide some method for doing this(but this is a personal preference).
The documentation is clear.
The interface is ok except for what I mentioned earlier.
It's easy to use and overall I will give it 5 stars.