Reviews by Tobias Kremer


DBIx-Class (0.08012) *****

DBIx::Class is not only the best Perl ORM I've used, but also one of the best ORMs in any language. It might not be the fastest or lightest ORM, but it's definitely the one with the most intelligent and flexible API.

Catalyst-Runtime (5.71000) *****

I can wholeheartedly recommend Catalyst if you're looking for a sane, mature and well-supported Perl MVC framework!

Catalyst-Controller-BindLex (0.05) *

The general consensus is that you should NOT use this module anymore and it is considered harmful by its own author. The POD states:
"It was designed as a PROOF OF CONCEPT ONLY and should not be considered for use in production. The authors no longer consider it a viable implementation plan and THIS MODULE IS NOT SUPPORTED AND WILL NOT BE MAINTAINED."