Reviews by Samuel Kaufman


Bloom-Faster (1.7) *

Doesn't seem to work.
Added stuff, checked it, it all came back as '1'.

Hash-Merge-Simple (0.051) *****

I was having problems with mystery errors thrown from Hash::Merge -- as reported in this bug from 2010 -- so I switched to Hash::Merge::Simple.

source is readable and sane, and merge takes n parameters so I don't need to throw it in a reduce() call.

Devel-SimpleTrace (0.07) *****

Just used this on a tip from #catalyst when was throwing errors in my Catalyst app. After hours spent trying to track down the bug, used this module as documented, saw Memcached was the one dieing and saw the real issue. A++++ would cpanm again!
Now part of my permanent toolkit.