Reviews by A. Sinan Unur


SOAP-Amazon-S3 (0.023) ****

Based on preliminary testing under light load. Much simpler than the Amazon supplied REST library or Net::Amazon::S3.

I haven't thought about all the implications of this, but I think the interface may be improved slightly by modifying the putobject method or maybe adding a putfile method. So, instead of:

$bucket->putobject( $obj_key, $obj_data, { 'Content-Type' => $mime_type } )

I would suggest:

$bucket->putobject( $obj_key => {

data => ' ... ',

'Content-Type' => $mime_type,


$bucket->putobject( $obj_key => {

file => '/path/to/file',

'Content-Type' => $mime_type,

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you for your work. Sincerely appreciated.


Sort-Radix (0.01) *

use strict;
use warnings;

use Sort::Radix;

my @array = qw(flow loop pool Wolf root sort tour);
print "@array\n";

from yields:

C:\Temp> t
Undefined subroutine &Sort::Radix::radix_sort called at C:\Temp\ line 7.

This seems to be because the sub radix_sort is placed _after_ the __END__ marker in the module file.

Fixing that yields:

C:\Temp> t
Argument "flow" isn't numeric in subtraction (-) at Sort/ line 44.
Wolf flow loop pool root sort tour