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SQL-Translator (0.05) **

In order to use this module to convert from one database schema to another, you need to install the C library for GD graphics, Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, and download, compile and install the Graphviz C programs, which I think is somewhat overkill. Go look at DBIx::DBSchema instead.

HTML-Tree (3.18) *****

This has been my HTML handling module of the month; I dragged it out on four separate occasions to get something done, and it hasn't let me down. It's by far the easiest way I've found of manipulating HTML documents.

Net-MovableType (1.73) *****

Simple, correct, gets the job done. The interface could be a bit more Perlish instead of a straight interface to the XMLRPC, but it works and it's easy enough to use.

CPANPLUS (0.043) *****

A great replacement for The best way to download and install modules.

Template-Extract (0.11) *****

Was OurNet::Template, now Template::Extract. Easily my favourite module of the year. Makes parsing anything a doddle.

OurNet-Query (1.56) *****

This is like Perl6::Rules, only it exists. Slight shame about the bizarre name; it's far more generic than the OurNet project.

Acme-JAPH (0.03) ***

What really, really scares me is that it took three releases to get to this point.

Unix (0.01) *

Aside from being almost entirely pointless, this is supremely badly named. Not only does it not merit a top-level name space IT'S NOT EVEN UNIX-SPECIFIC. I cannot comprehend the thought processes behind this.

Mail-Audit (2.1) ***

This is OK, but please don't use it! Use Email::Filter instead. Email::Filter is faster, much better architectured and has fewer bugs. I'm not maintaining this thing any more.

Time::Duration / Time-Duration (1.02) ****

This just works. It does one job and does it well, it's clearly documented and well tested, it's useful and it saves time. It's everything a CPAN module should be.

xsub (1.0) *

If you're going to gratuitously reinvent a wheel, at least make it round instead of square. And, of course, all the things everyone else has said - no docs, at all, no not one (I wonder what possesses people to upload things without documentation when every other CPAN module is documented and every guide to putting modules together talks about the value of documentaiton.) badly named, etc. Some of the hard-coded compile options in the source also suggest the author has little experience dealing with compilers that aren't gcc.

Class-DBI (0.93) *****

I was sceptical about this module for a long time, but once I started working with it I found it absolutely joyful; there are a huge bunch of SQL abstraction layers out there, but I think this is definitely the most Perlish and the easiest to use.