Reviews by Robert Hicks


DBIx-Log4perl (0.10) *****

I don't see how you can give it a lower score just because the author is targeting 5.8 and above (which I believe is the right thing to do anyway).

Log-Dispatch-FileRotate (1.15) ****

It does what it says it does.

The only irk I have is that if I am using Log::Dispatch and I want a file rotation and I see Log::Dispatch::FileRotate, I assume that it extends Log::Dispatch and instead this requires the installatin of Log::Log4perl. Why?

CGI-Prototype (0.9053) ****

Documentation: The documentation needs to grow a bit. It would be helpful if more examples were given. For comparison, the CGI::Application documentation is very in depth on how to use the framework.

Other: I have read in the newsgroup about it being extended to create a plugin mechanism and to hook into prototype.js for AJAX support. I think those two things would make C::P rock. I look forward to their addition and being able to contribute plugins myself.