Reviews by Steve Flitman


XML-Hash-XS (0.51) *****

This is a great module! It does its job efficiently and is a joy to use. Thanks, Yuriy!

Perl-PrereqScanner (1.019) *****

Fantastic job! Just what I was looking for, and it is much easier to work with than Module::ScanDeps, especially for testing code that does not have a lot of runtime dependencies. Thanks!

Convert-TNEF (0.18) ****

Thanks for a great module for dealing with a weird problem, namely handling TNEF attachments from email encoded on Outlook.

pQuery (0.09) ****

I love jQuery and I was thinking if I only could use a selector rather than slog through HTML::TreeBuilder...this module was the answer to my wish. Agree more examples and a little more docs would be good. Once I figured out that get returns a subclass of HTML::Element many good things happened in my code. Thanks to the debugger and the m command, too!
Thanks Ingy!

File-ChangeNotify (0.20) *****

This is a great module, very easy to use and I like Moose and the way it leverages OOP to handle cross-platform issues. I am using it for several production systems and have been very happy with it. All hail the Autarch! (Had to get my Gene Wolfe shout out there).

Tk (804.029) *****

This is a very strong piece of work, thanks!

DBD-PgPP (0.08) *****

Bravo! I am very grateful to you for your creativity as this module is a definite great addition to CPAN, especially for us Postgres techies.

HTML-Parser (3.62) *****

Sir, you rock. HTML::Entities saved me a lot of effort and aggravation.
Best regards and thanks for your service to the OSS community.