Reviews by Sam Tregar


RPC-Simple (1.001) *

It's so "simple" that the author "sure have a lot of problem to write a doc which make using this module simple." In fact, the POD lacks a single example, simple or otherwise. Considering how hard it is to imagine a genuinely simple solution to RPC this is pretty sad.

SML-Template (0.10) *

Apparently the "SIMPLIFIED MARKUP LANGUAGE" is so darn SIMPLE that it doesn't need a description in the documentation!

ExtUtils-AutoInstall (0.57) *

Is this a module or an entry in an obfuscated Perl content? The documentation suggests I paste a giant block of space-compressed code filled with system() calls using 'sudo' directly into my module's Makefile.PL. Nowhere does it describe exactly what this code will do, and it appears that the code was designed to defeat the casual reader.

Imager (0.41) *****

Imager is a great module, particularly compared to GD and ImageMagick. It's easy to install, beautifully documented and performs great. If you need to do any work on images in Perl then you can stop looking now. You've found your solution.

Log-Easy (0.01) *

It's so easy it doesn't need any documentation!

XML-Schema (0.07) ***

XML::Schema obviously represents a great deal of work attempting to produce a faithful implementation of a very difficult standard. However, as a tool for XML validation it is functionaly useless because it lacks a parser for the XML Schema document format. Until this module reaches a usable state, I would encourage anyone needing an XML Schema validator to check out XML::Validator::Schema.

Parse-RecDescent (1.94) ****

Learning Parse::RecDescent will make you smarter, and it might even help you get your job done. The documentation is fairly good, but I still needed to crack my copy of "lex & yacc" a few times while using it. The only major drawback of this module is its performance. It's probably the slowest module I've used since Date::Manip!

SOAP-Lite (0.55) *****

This module may have problems (interface, documentation, etc.) but it deserves a high rating for one simple reason: it implements the SOAP specification very, very well. The SOAP spec is one of the more complicated I've seen and Paul deserves high praise for accomplishing this very difficult feat. If we had more programmers like him we'd probably have an XML Schema implementation by now too!

IPC-SharedCache (1.3) *

This module should not be used. IPC shared memory is no faster than filesystem access and suffers from a host of irritating problems. I keep this module around only to maintain backwards compatibility with HTML::Template's shared_cache mode.