Reviews by Sagar Shah


Pod-Readme (0.09) **

Great idea, but not supporting head3/head4 and not documenting the fact is poor and restrictive.

I'd love to try it again in the future if you add support for at least head3!

Term-ReadPassword (0.06) *****

Simple and does the job.

Very responsive author too!

Definitely recommended.

logme (1.0.0) *

This distribution does not follow the standard conventions for a perl distribution. It doesn't come with any installation mechanism or use MakeMaker or Module::Build etc.

This distribution does not contain any pod documentation.

The modules use a name space corresponding to the author's name, which probably isn't sensible when contributing something to cpan.

This distribution duplicates functionality existing in existing logging modules/frameworks on CPAN such as Log::Dispatch or my favourite: Log::Log4perl. I would recommoned that users and this author look at Log::Log4perl rather than attempting to use this module. It may be more complex in terms of implementation, but it is just as easy (actually perhaps easier) to use than this module.

I would recommend that the author remove this from CPAN unless he is planning a direction that gives this distribution a useful niche of its own.

I hope that this review does not sound harsh/hurtful. But this is a good example of not following the guidelines on creating perl modules, and more importantly the guidelines on submitting to CPAN.

The author should be commended for trying to share his work with the wider community. However the author might want to look at what is already available in the community to see what can help him.