Reviews by Kathryn Andersen


Pod-Xhtml (1.44) *****

This is just what I've been looking for! No more struggling with crappy HTML generated by Pod-to-HTML converters. No more struggling with XSLT stylesheets to convert Pod-to-XML to XHTML. Very simple to use. Of course the downside of that is that is that with very few options, there's very little that one can change, but one can always post-process and style it, now that one actually does have correct, compliant XHTML.

Text-Template (1.44) *****

I just love the idea of this module! It makes so much *sense*, to stop reinventing the wheel, and simply use perl itself as the templating language. Simple, elegant, not bloated. And this just *works*.
And I really like the ability to change delimeters, because it means I can have multiple "layers" of templating which I can put in a pipeline... (my scripts teperl and etalpmet wouldn't be able to work together otherwise...)
Sure, there are a few quibbles, such as what's been mentioned in earlier reviews, and, one I sort of wish would be possible to implement: to be able to go

{ if ($some_test) { }

some optional text I don't always want to output

blah blah blah

{ } # close if }

but I suspect such a construct violates the whole way the module works. I'll make do with HERE documents...