Reviews by Rafael Porres Molina


Test-TCP (1.26) *****

I know that almost no recommendation is going to be better than the previous one from Miyagawa, but anyway I think this module deserves a lot of recognition. It makes testing against servers almost painless, avoiding all the hassle around forking, searching for open ports in your system... We've used to test against HTTP servers, custom-made LDAP servers and even a FIPA server we had to integrate with. Great module!

Net-LDAP-Server-Test (0.18) *****

We've used this module to write integration tests for an application that makes search and write operations to an external Sun Directory Server (now rebranded to something else since Oracle acquired Sun). It works perfectly fine and it's saved us a lot of time. Plus, the author has been very responsive to our suggestions and patches. Thanks Peter for writing this module!

XML-Compile (1.32) *****

We have been using XML::Validate::Schema for about a year to validate and convert to Perl structures XML documents in a REST-like server. It's worked all this time without any problems and now we're using it in two different new projects. Although it's a bit tough at the beginning, it's definitely worth the time invested. Thanks Mark for this great module!

Net-SFTP-Foreign (1.75) *****

I have been using this module for a long time in different projects for clients and it has always worked like a charm. The interface very perlish, the module is actively maintained and the author is very responsive. Very recommended!