Reviews by Robert Messer


XML-Bare (0.45) *****

I needed a module to read an xml data file into a perl data structure, then make some minor modifications to that data structure, then write it back out. XML::Bare does that very well and quickly, and for that task it is easier to use than a full xml parser, or one that operates via callbacks during parsing.

IMHO, the user interface could use some improvements though -- for example, I wanted to add nodes, and the "add_node" method insisted on adding its own extra bits named like <multi_elementname/> in some cases. Plus at times I wanted to add nodes with attributes, and I had to set the _att=>1 in the node hash manually, not via the regular "add_node" method. Furthermore I had to manually set $obj->{file} when I wanted to do a "save as" instead of a "save."

But despite the fact that I had to work around a few minor things like this, I still rate the module a 5, because I was able to get what I needed to get done quickly and easily.