Reviews by Eric Bollengier


XML-Mini (1.2.8) *

Warning, don't use this module. It's very dangerous. This module is dead.

Try this :

use XML::Mini::Document ;
my $xmlDoc = XML::Mini::Document->new();

You will have something like :
eric@zog:~$ /tmp/
Deep recursion on subroutine "XML::Mini::Document::fromSubStringBT" at /usr/share/perl5/XML/Mini/ line 487.
Out of memory!

XML-Smart (1.6.8) **

It's a great module, but, xml tree operations are very strange... walk on the tree is very difficult and undocumented, it creates lots of bad attributes... good luck if you want to move a part of the document elsewhere in the tree.... (ex root->node1->node2 => root->node2)

sorry, but i have to rewrite my application...