Reviews by Rhesa Rozendaal


SOAP-Lite-Simple (1.8) ****

This module helped me out a great deal. It does what it says it does, and it does it well.

Its value to me wasn't in its interface though, but the source code: it taught me a number of tricks about SOAP::Lite that I wouldn't have easily figured out on my own. [This is why I give this module a 4 for documentation.]

SOAP::Lite::Simple has one big drawback, in my opinion. You see, it dispenses with the OA part of the acronym (Simple Object Access Protocol), and makes you deal with XML directly instead. The beauty of SOAP is that you can access a remote web service just like any other object: call methods on it, pass in native data structures, and receive native data structures back. This module forces you to convert your input to XML before you can send it to the web service, which makes integration with the rest of your code more tedious than necessary. [This is why I give the Interface and Ease of Use a 3.]

That being said, it does make interfacing with a .Net service a whole lot simpler. Handrolling all of that SOAP::Data::Builder stuff is tedious and easy to get wrong. [Hence the 4 overall.]

CGI-Compress-Gzip (0.20) *****

This module provides a hassle-free and completely transparent way to add gzip compression to any script that uses CGI. It works equally well under regular CGI as under mod_perl.

Using it is generally as simple as replacing "use CGI;" with "use CGI::Compress::Gzip;".

Your server will like the reduction in bandwidth. Your visitors will like the faster download times. You'll like the ease of use. Everybody wins :-)

HTML-FormatText-WithLinks (0.02) *****

I needed an "E-mail this page" feature for a client, and this module did exactly what I needed. It took me 30 minutes to add the feature including all UI stuff :-)
The resulting e-mail looks splendid. The formatting is very readable, and the links in footnotes made my client dance with joy.

Well done!