Reviews by reneeb


Web-Scraper (0.22) ****

This is a great module to parse html. It scratches some itches regarding HTML parsing. It shortens the programs a lot and makes them more readable. I've waited a long time for such a module. Thanks!

The documentation could be better (that's the only thing that is not good), but as you can use the XPath notation this module is easy to use.

In some cases, you have to "play" with the process commands to get the information you want, but if you have used this module once, you are happy with it.

As a summary you could say, that the abilities of the module compensate the documentation...

LaTeX-Pod (0.08) *****

I need articles in POD format, but some authors want to submit their articles in LaTeX. So LaTeX::Pod is the "glue" between the authors and me and everybody is happy ;-)

WWW-Mechanize (1.18) *****

I've used this great module several times and it is a great help in automating web based stuff.

PAR (0.90) *****

I use PAR very often, because I have clients using Windows machines where they cannot install Perl. With PAR I can develop the applications on my own machine and deploy them to the clients' machine.

The documentation is very good and helped me several times.

PPI (1.106) *****

I use it for my UML-editor to analyse the imported packages. It is great!