Reviews by Fred Moyer


WebService-Yahoo-BOSS (1.01) *****

Disclaimer - I am the original author. My ratings are in reference to the latest version.

Jemplate (0.30) ***

Don't use this module unless you want to experience major maintenance costs down the road.

Edit - was a bit harsh in my initial review. Not bad, but it can be rough if you forget how it works, then have to relearn it. If you use this module, use it wholeheartedly, don't just implement part of your app in it.

HTML-TableParser-Grid (v0.0.5) *****

This module saved me a lot of headache, thank you!

xls2csv (1.06) *****

This excellent program installed easily, and saved me about 30 minutes of work today. Two thumbs up!!

Google-Search (0.023) *****

Up and running searches in 15 minutes, very easy to use.

App-PM-Announce (0.024) *****

Makes my life running a lot easier, I used to have to login to four different apps to post announcements. Now I can do it all from the comfort of my shell.

XML-Feed (0.41) *****

It just works, most outstanding.

XML-RPC (0.9) *****

Stop looking for an xmlrpc module that just works and doesn't die on missing element data where other modules do - you've found it!

Seriously, this thing "just works", I just burned through about half a dozen other rpc modules.

XML-RAI (1.3022) *****

I implemented a small RSS feed into my application in less than fifteen minutes. This is the module I wish I had previously when I was banging my head against the other modules I tried.

Form-Processor (0.15) *****

This module solves the age old problem of how to process form data. I've been using it on a catalyst based project along with Catalyst::Plugin::Form::Processor, and it has been working really well. It allows you to abstract your form processing logic from the controller, so that you can reuse that logic in multiple environments. Having written my own form handling modules in the past (and failed), this module is a welcome relief.