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Spreadsheet-WriteExcel (2.14) *****

Fantastic. Very thorough and useful and the documentation is a dream come true.

Template-Toolkit (2.10) *****

Love it, love it. I have a friend who curses it's existence, in favor of Mason (though I recall it was he who first told me about TT2). So I guess you either love it or you hate it. I love it. Complete separation of business and display logic. Very smart code that behaves just as you expect it to in almost all cases. I agree with a previous user that I would like to see it speed up, but I also realize it's got a lot going on.

DP-Perl (0.101) *

You've got to be kidding. Now anybody can just make a new namespace, named after their own initials? And a module called All this would be merely offensive and useless, but the meat of the module is downright stupid.