Reviews by Oded S. Resnik


Email-MIME (1.82) *****

Works nicely with multipart Emails.
Saved me a lot of time when customer changed SMTP to newer Exchange.
It was almost in place replacement for our code writen 5 years ago.

DBD-Oracle (1.15)

Installing is not easy. Once installed - a great interface with support to many Oracle's features. Tested with 9i and 10g.

This is my procedure for AIX 5.2 (32 bit) DBD::Oracle perl 5.8.0 aix-thread-multi install:

1. Set ORACLE_HOME and check perl with perl -V to see how it was
export LANG=C
export ORACCENV='cc=xlc_r' # my perl -V says cc_r
perl Makefile.PL -m $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/demo/
2. fix Makfile by replacing the line with OTHERLDFLAGS = -q32
with OTHERLDFLAGS = -q32
3. type
make test
make install

Gtk2-Ex-DBI (0.8) ***

This module is needed for Database Applications. It hide from user code the database update, delete and fetch.

What I believe is needed here:
1. less user coding mode "declaration" on the Glade side or on interface side. More "perl" or "business logic" properties for widgets.
2. User hook to modify data from SQL to UI and from UI to SQL. For translation or nicer presentation.
3. Documentation ! its incomplete.
4. More widgets.

If you are looking for the demo application it's in

I may use it in the future when it will be more mature

Net-LPR (1.007) *****

This module gets the job done !
Just follow the documntation and it works !.

We would like to have a simple interface (like the lpr - command)
As most of us care about the steps and file contents, and
would like an interface that will take care of it all.
For those of us who need full control the exsiting interface is fine.

Locale-Hebrew (1.04) *****

Has both Unicode (perl5.8 and above) and iso8859-8 support.
Eeasy to use.