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CPAN-Mini (0.16) *****

A longtime search has ended :"), thanx and Simon Cozen idea to post short-articles so that we can find new jewels.
The ideal way to have CPAN near you when u need it.. a big thanx for this module.

One additional feature will be good i.e.
the ability to choose the MIRROR from which to sync in
dialog mode.
And the command flag which will edit directly the CPAN::Condig, otherwise
I now have to do this :

#locate CPAN | grep Config
#mcedit /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.2/CPAN/

and add the new directory manualy... and the first time I forgot file:// prefix.

just thoughts not something we cant live w/o.
thanx again

Tree-Simple (1.10) ****

Tried Tree::Nary, this seem better than it.
And it is good that there is Visitor factory to it.
Tree::Nary has a way to control the traversal, but I really
liked the idea for example that PathToRoot can return
not only the array but also a string..:")

Tree-Simple-VisitorFactory (0.01) *****

saved me alot of time