Reviews by Doug Bell


PPI-PowerToys (0.14) *****

I've got a big XS project, but I want the same ease-of-use that Dist::Zilla gives. ppi_version is one more step towards that ease-of-use.

I was starting to roll my own, but after I got to "ack -l 'our \$VERSION' | xargs perl -i -e'/^our $VERSION/ && s/.../.../'" I decided that the cure may be worse than the disease.

Once again Kudos to the Community for anticipating my needs!

CatalystX-Routes (0.02) *****

After using Catalyst::Action::REST for a bit, I recognized some repeating patterns such as using empty subs to set an ActionClass('REST') and writing the same sub with a different name to get output data from a Chained set. CatalystX::Routes fixes both of these scenarios with a nice, declarative syntax.

SQL-Shell (1.14) ****

This module meets my need for a terminal-based SQL shell for Sybase. The syntax additions help with simplifying the differences between the databases I'm used to and the ones I have to interact with. I imagine this is going to be an extremely useful tool for my data mining.

There are some minor cosmetic issues, such as the prompt being extremely long (it contains the full DSN you connected with) and no paging options for results, but the feature set more than makes up for these (and I'm a programmer, so I should send patches after finding issues).