Reviews by Peter Edwards


File-FindLib (0.001004) *****

Very handy module that saves messing around with file paths, which is often error prone e.g. handling symlinks and different OSes such as VMS.
Clear documentation, easy to use, and works well for me updating a legacy codebase.

The only slight niggle I had was on old code doing "use File::FindLib '';" and finding the variable it set ended up in the File::FindLib:: namespace rather than main::.

Nice job!

Bing-Search (1.111270) ****

Works fine for me. Nice piece of work and the maintainer is responsive, applying a patch the same day.

JSON-Schema (0.001_01) **

The module has some serious issues.

The error reporting doesn't work properly (missing $self before call to checkProp in JSON/ lines 309 and 317).

The boolean handling is broken. Firstly, the case checks value = 0 and value = 1 (always false). Second it assumes you are using a particular JSON parser, this breaks when you use JSON::XS which gives you a $value with ref 'JSON::XS::Boolean' not 'SCALAR'.

The link in the docs to RT goes to a non-existent queue (RT only has queues for non-developer release modules). I emailed the author with a patch to JSON/ but didn't hear anything.

POE (1.280) *****

An indispensable module for event-driven programming.
It makes it easy to write state-transition driven networking code and is bullet-proof and very lightweight in memory and CPU terms.
I've run it on Unix, Windows, and even on a horrible system using ActiveState Perl under Windows XP Embedded on micro hardware with Flash memory.
Excellent module.