Reviews by Peter Edwards



Bing-Search (1.111270) ****

Works fine for me. Nice piece of work and the maintainer is responsive, applying a patch the same day.

JSON-Schema (0.001_01) **

The module has some serious issues.

The error reporting doesn't work properly (missing $self before call to checkProp in JSON/ lines 309 and 317).

The boolean handling is broken. Firstly, the case checks value = 0 and value = 1 (always false). Second it assumes you are using a particular JSON parser, this breaks when you use JSON::XS which gives you a $value with ref 'JSON::XS::Boolean' not 'SCALAR'.

The link in the docs to RT goes to a non-existent queue (RT only has queues for non-developer release modules). I emailed the author with a patch to JSON/ but didn't hear anything.

POE (1.280) *****

An indispensable module for event-driven programming.
It makes it easy to write state-transition driven networking code and is bullet-proof and very lightweight in memory and CPU terms.
I've run it on Unix, Windows, and even on a horrible system using ActiveState Perl under Windows XP Embedded on micro hardware with Flash memory.
Excellent module.