Reviews by Andy Lester


Task-BeLike-RJBS (1.002) *****

RJBS is a fantastic programmer. Anything that helps me be more like him is a valuable addition to the CPAN.

Carp-Always (0.08) *****

A brilliant module, handling a common debugging trick with perfect simplicity. I'd almost like to see this incorporated into Carp in the core.

Math (0.499) *

I can't fathom why one would need to override the CORE:: math functions, but here they are. Please ignore this module.

Data-TreeDumper (0.33) *****

Bravo. I've seen a lot of "better than Data::Dumper!" modules before, but this one is really something. Visualization is top-notch.

Task-Sites-ShlomiFish (0.0200)

No comment. Ignore previous note.

PDF-API2 (0.41) ****

It's a great module because you can do with it what you should be able to. It's just terrible trying to figure it out.

Sort-NoCase (0.22) *

This is a module to perform a case-insensitive sort.

The very thing you could do with

@a = sort { lc $a cmp lc $b } @a;

There. I've put the code you need in the rating. No need to install the module!

Test-LongString (0.05) *****

If you're doing any sort of testing of long and/or binary data items, you need Test::LongString to make the diagnosis of failures easier.

Spreadsheet-WriteExcel (2.03) *****

I'm amazed at the quality of this module. It all Just Works. It's allowed us to do amazing stuff for our customers. None of this "Just open this .csv file" crap. Bravo!

Text-CSV_XS (0.23) *****

It'd be nice if combining & stringifying were one easy step, but other than that, this module has saved me tons of time.

Text-Replace (0.07) *

I'm beginning to think that SOFTDIA is a troll.

Test-Builder-Tester (0.09) ****

Test::Builder::Tester isn't the easiest tool to wrap my head around, but once you grok the zen of how it's supposed to work, it does its job beautifully. For writers of Test::* modules, it's crucial.

Module-CoreList (1.93) *****

This module is a godsend. It's part module, part history, part slick command-line tool.

Anyone releasing modules that is concerned about backwards compatibility needs Module::CoreList.

Log-Dispatch (2.09) *****

Log::Dispatch is logging the way it should be. It's easy to use, and highly extensible. It's exactly the module I would have written, but now I don't have to.

Devel-Cycle (1.01) *****

Great little tool for finding circular memory references. The callback hook made it a snap for me to make Test::Memory::Cycle out of it.

Test-Easy (0.01) **

It's interesting to see a different take on the Test::More way of running tests, but I don't see any added benefit. The documention is sparse.

PHP-Session (0.22) *****

There have been some important bugs that have gotten through, but all in all, if you need to handle PHP sessions, there's no better way to do it.

Test-Exception (0.15) *****

A wonderful addition to the Test::* collection. It can be tough to test failure, and without a module like Test::Exception, I might be tempted to not bother testing those failures. Test::Exception makes a breeze.

File-Find-Rule (0.11) *****

F:F:R is a great example of TMTOWTDI. In those times where you're tired of rewriting the same old File::Find callbacks, it's good to have File::Find::Rule in your arsenal.