Reviews by Patrick J. LoPresti


Module-Build (0.28) *

All I want to do is to configure the CPAN shell to install all modules under my home directory (not as root), even though the Perl I am using is bundled with my system (installed as root).

I can figure out how to set PERL5LIB to access the modules. I always have.

I used to simply set PREFIX. But now that half of the &^##@%! modules on CPAN use MakeMaker and half use Module::Build, I have no idea what to set. I tried setting both PREFIX and install_base in the CPAN shell defaults, but then Module::Build modules refuse to compile at all (they bomb when given PREFIX).

Nice job breaking something that has worked for years. This sucks even by open source standards... I don't care about stupid religious wars; I just want some setting -- any setting -- to convince all of the modules on CPAN to install themselves under ${HOME}. Is there one? There used to be.

Finance-InteractiveBrokers-TWS (v0.0.7) *****

Great module. Very useful :-).