Reviews by pagenyon


HTML-HTML5-Entities (0.003) *

It doesn't even decode HTML5 entities. The author only tested a single character in his test cases, and that was for a plain HTML character. It's very likely he's never even used his own module or he would have noticed this glaring brokenness.

WebService-BaseClientRole (0.0002) *

not very useful since it forces the use of json for all encoding

Bessarabv-Weight (1.0.0)

Non-serious modules belong under the Acme:: namespace.

WebService-IMDBAPI (1.130020)

And how is this different from the other existing APIs: WebService::IMDB and IMDB::Film?

HTTP-UA-Parser (0.001) ***

Yet another agent parser and without any indication as to now it stacks up to the many other ones available. See for an independent and thorough review of the other existing ones.

LWPx-ParanoidHandler (0.05) **

This module doesn't really do much, it just creates a handler to pass off the paranoid handling to Net::DNS::Paranoid. And although it claims to support the same feature set as LWPx::ParanoidAgent, it's missing the most important feature- the timeout is the standard LWP timeout, whereas ParanoidAgent's applies "overall, from start to finish. not just between socket reads. and it includes all redirects. so attackers telling you to download from a malicious tarpit webserver can only stall you for $n seconds".