Reviews by Cooper Vertz


TryCatch (1.000003) ***

This is a nice attempt and will be much better soon I'm sure. Try does its job, but emits a warning if it's used outside a function (because it doesn't check the return value of "caller").

Unfortunately, for me anyway, the catch block is being called whether or not there is an error. To avoid this I'm using "catch ($e where { $_ }) { ... }" which works fine.

Iterator-Diamond (0.03) *****

Just what I was looking for. Allows me to emulate classic diamond functionality in a safer and flexible way. I had code that read from a single file, and now it reads multiple files just like a perl -n one-liner.

Just pass the constructor a list of filenames, and you'll get a filehandle. Read from the filehandle, and you can read all the files' contents in a loop without having to open and close the individual files. You can also easily tell which file you are reading from at any given time.

Statistics-Basic (1.6003) ****

This is a nice module, and for simple averages or standard deviations it's significantly faster than Statistics::Descriptive. By default, standard deviation results are population (n), not sample (n-1).