Reviews by Gene Boggs


Getopt-Simple (1.52) *****

Many many Getopt::* modules are overly complex for my purposes: Setting defaults.

This module is part of my standard toolset when needing simple default settings.

Getopt-Long (2.42) ****

Trusted go-to module. ++ Huzzah!

Algorithm-Combinatorics (0.27) *****

This module has simplified my experiments with computational music. It provides a useful array of things that I was either computing by hand or using other modules to partially, fill-in the gaps with.

It works without any fuss, and the documentation is clean simple.

Text-WordGrams (0.06)

"Calculates statistics on word ngrams." Uh... statistics? Where? This module just parses into ngrams and does no stats.

Check out Text::Ngrams.