Reviews by Richard Still


OpenOffice-OODoc (2.035) ****

First, this module is impressive and fast, it opens up a a whole world of possibilities when it comes to creating and editing OpenOffice documents. I use this in a production environment on a web server. I modify a 'template' .odt file with all of the styles and formatting elements already created, just insert relevant bits for a report and "presto!" high quality presentations.

But for all of its power, this module is hard to 'climb into'. The ODF spec is complex and a module for dealing with that complexity is bound to be hard to work through. This module will require plenty of trial and error until you become accustomed to how things work. Anything beyond basic tasks is going to require a significant investment of time and energy to learn the documentation and methodology. This module would benefit from a more complete list of example scripts.

Unicode-MapUTF8 (1.10) *****

Thank you, I've been struggling for a long time dealing with the broken UTF8 encoding in 5.6.1 (cannot upgrade it on this box), ISO-8859-1 in the database, UTF8 for XML->SVG and XML->OpenOffice, and encoding for web page display.

Well, this is just nifty and it just works. Groovy.

Richard Still