Reviews by nathan mcfarland


Syntax-Highlight-JSON (0.01) ***

All of the complaints about this module are dead on.

However the interface is extremely easy to use, and the combination of syntax highlighting and formatting in HTML is something you might want. I did. This module got my feature done in no time so I could move on to other things.

Net-Amazon-Signature (0.03) ****

A good module that does exactly what it says it does.

HTTP-Server-Simple (0.16) ****

As with Nadim Khemir's review I too found the documentation very hard to read, and the best code example was not in the distribution but actually the source for Leon Brocard's HTTP::Server::Simple::Kwiki module.

But the module also did exactly what I wanted it to do -- and I got the whole chunk of code working within an hour of installing the module, and that included a lot of time wasted on problems unrelated to HTTP::Server::Simple.

HTML-Template (2.7) ****

This module does what it's supposed to do very, very well. It's well documented and simple to use. And if you hate complex logic in your templates this is a good place to go. Logic is severely restricted.

I however often have complex presentation logic, and I find when using this module I end up writing a lot of perl code to fix the template display . When I create a separate module just for HTML::Template display logic the temptation to add business logic in is great. And if someone succumbs to that temptation then you are back to HTML Mason style situation -- only instead of mixing your biz and presentation logic in an HTML page, you are doing it in a perl module. Anyhow I find that using a larger template language like Template toolkit's allows me to cleanly separate business and presentation logic - allowing me to do presentation logic in the presentation layer, and biz logic in the perl modules.

As always: "Your milage may vary".

Date-Calc (5.3) ****

The interface is indeed odd, but you do get used to it rather quickly. And the module does what it set out to do. I use it a lot, but I do not use it exclusively, so it's worth checking out the competition.

Image::Magick / PerlMagick (6.02) ****

So this is my favorite image manipulation library in perl. But frankly it has problems. It is often more difficult to install than it should be. It's interface is not in perlish. There are the occasional hidden gotchas in the interface. And the documentation is seriously lacking, on perl specific stuff. The general docs are fine.

All of this is outweighed by what it delivers, which is the most powerful, highest quality image manipulation library for perl. It's also available on a fairly wide range of platforms. On the balance a very good thing.

XML-RSS (1.04) ****

Fundementally this module does what it says it will. It does it in a pretty effective manner. I would definitly recommend it if you need to generate RSS files, particularly if you want to generate RSS in multiple versions.

HTML-Mason (1.22) *****

HTML Mason is a templating system and more. Focused on web site developement it has templating, caching, debugging, and more. It's large. It also lets you put together big sites quickly, component(HTML/Perl chunks) by component.

Nice, Flexible, and BIG. More of a platform than a module. But highly recommended for putting large component based sites together.

Used by the Bricolage CMS.

Template-Toolkit (2.10) *****

This is the template system you want to use if you need power but want your templates and your perl separate. It makes it easy to enforce some discipline. (Although, of course, you can make it all too lax if you want). And with a plugin sytem and an easy interface, it's super nice to use.