Reviews by Nicola Worthington


Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-WoWPVP (0.01)

The POD special. ;-)

File-Rename (0.02)

This seems a little "odd" in the code:

use 5.006;
use 5.8.0;

I can't help thinking that defaulting to reading STDIN under some circumatances could cause unexpected blocking.

What's wrong with writing a little loop and CORE::rename? Does it really necessitate a module?

Data-RoundRobin (0.01)

Isn't this just more or less the same thing as Tie::Cycle?

Sendmail (0.1)

I'm struggling to understand why that namespace was chosen, and what's wrong with Net::SMTP instead. Did I miss something here? (It is possible).

psmon (1.15) ****

Code could still be tidied up a little bit more. Always room for improvement, but a very useful tool to have around.