Reviews by Andy


DBD-mysql (3.0002) *****

Very good.

But lacks mysql_enable_utf8 feature (like pg_enable_utf8) to preserve
the utf8 flag when the data is on the way from server to our script.
This simple tiny feature will seriously increase performance of the
scripts that use UTF-8 and handle it correctly, i.e. convert EACH piece
of data to UTF-8 (and always set the is_utf8 flag, if the data comes
without it). So, being sure that the encoding in which the data is
stored on the server is UTF-8, we would not have to waste time on
flagging the data; we could just set mysql_enable_utf8 to true. But
there's still no such feature. Argh.

Date-Pcalc (1.2) *****

A very good replacement for the original Date::Calc when you don't have access to a compiler on the machine. But some important functions from Date::Calc are missing in Date::Pcalc, and it seems that the author is not going to fix this. That's really bad.