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Data-Serializer (0.28) *****

intelligent umbrella to many cpan modules. takes burdon. is easy.

PDL (2.4.1) *****

This is not just a poorman's Matlab(C), but a hell-serious math package ! It is really mature and horribly fast. I wrote a 3d continous CA within hours. The learning curve is significant, but its power is overwhelming. The mailing list is extremly responsive and the developers are great. Surely its intensive use in serious astronomic/academia projects boosted its versatility and design.


Gtk2 (1.042) *****

Gtk2 is really a perl yedi's lazer sword. I was so amazed by its speed/elegance and versatility. The documentation and development is done by a dedicated group of hackers. Gtk2 has become surely *the* major gui toolkit, soon superceeding Tk by far.

I plan to use it in some serious academia projects. In the past i often heard complains about Tk (and was always ashamed of its uglyness/slowness/win32-gui-alienness). It was hard to sell it to my boss's and collegues.

Pitty: I got only a not-very-recent version installed with the aid of on my activatestate win32 machine. It also did not install via CPAN shell on my recent cygwin enviroment (failed some to install some auto-dependencies).

With Gtk2 i feel like getting serious with perl and guis (on win32 and linux).


Regexp-Common (2.115) *****

Nothing more to say to this *de facto* standard module.


Callback (1.05) *

Nothing new compared to







Ah - except another unregistered primary namespace.


Template-Averse (0.00) *

Every "new" 1001'st template library should have a good excuse to exist near the already estabilshed ones.

Regexp-Genex (0.05) *****

A really innovative idea.


Acme-Pythonic (0.01) *****

I will handout this module my python'ed collegue who was reluctant to use perl because of semicolons.

Yiiha.. nothing more to say.


Array-Iterator (0.03) *****

Very intelligent namespace name, good design, excellent documentation (got 5 stars because of the very usefull mini-review comparing similar modules).


Win32-IE-Mechanize (0.005) *****

I was in need to hide IE decoration and direct it to a form from cmdline. This module did the job so well, even though it is capable of more. I am sure it will also help so many IE users to write semi-automated scripts (with human intervention via IE).

Perl6-Rules (0.02) *****

Eventhough Damian has iconic status i *objectively* rate this module as excellent. I am convinced that this module fuels rapid p6 adoption by p5 people. And of course, thanks to all the sponsers of TPF and therfore this fantastic module.

sql-simple (0.06) *****

Nested conditional expressions is this modules' plus (IMHO attest/artifact of authors dba experience). It also supports various significant SQL dialects. -1 for the package contra object syntax/api in the documentation. Overall also a very very excellent module in its category and may be the best (in terms of simplicity). I am looking forward to use it a lot.

Text-Delimited (1.92) ***

I dont see the point why L<DBD::AnyData> is not enough. And -1 for mixed-cased accessor names (L<perlstyle>).

Data-Password (1.03) *****

No more self-brewed solutions. Simple yet powerfull. Interface is simple, but -1 for "myHatedNamingStyle()".

DBIx-SQLEngine (0.02) *****

An extremly well thought API focussed on usability. Its just like sylvester if DBI's learning curve bothered you. It is also feature- rich.

Tree-Simple (1.01) ****

Redundant to Tree::DAG_Node or Tree::Nary modules (and may be others). And i personally hate this java like accessors ->myMethodRules names.

(Changed) The author added a nice overview of pros/cons of other Tree'ish modules. So one can see where Tree::Simple fits in.


bioperl (1.4) *****

*The* bundle if you have something to do with bioinformatics. Only thing i feel pitty is that most functionality would have been better a standalone module. Because not everything BIO only in there.

DBD-Google (0.11) *****

*Damn*, i simply like the idea so much.

Test-Class (0.03) *****

Not often that i see such a beauty/well thought interface and documentation. Looking forward to use this module often.

Path-Class (0.03) *****

Path handling was an orphaned issue until this module arrived. Good candidate to take this pain with File::Spec from all of us.

AI-ExpertSystem-Simple (AI-ExpertSystem-Simple.1.2) *****

A really nice expertsystem+shell. Plus: easily customizable via standard xml files (good choice!). Unique on CPAN on that subject.


HTML-Mason (1.24) *****

With HTML::Mason i just get my things done. I use it happily for my shell scripts as well as my web sites. It is the component architecture of my first choice.

reliability: very good
maintainance: exceptionally well (also very responsive to win32 issues)
api: clean and precise
documentation: the complete o'reilly book is online available
homepage: shines

After the learning curve it just rocks!