Reviews by mshomsky


File-DirCompare (0.3) ****

It was easy to use this package and tailor it to perform functions on individual files when comparing. It has no dependencies (as of version 0.3) so it's very likely that it will work (and if not, then it should be very easy to ascribe blame).

In the docs the author mentions File::Dircmp, because this worked well enough, I haven't explored the alternative. Obviously, there's more than one way to do it.

XML-RSS-FromHTML-Simple (0.04) *****

Well written documentation and examples. I used this to replace my old feeds when they ceased to exist (i.e. they're not being created anymore) and I feel the package is doing a comparable job. The package creates an entry for every link, with the option of creating a filter to focus on particular text or urls. I created a few filters to get rid of unwanted links. Since I'm not running a webserver (not that it's hard, it's just policy), I had to get creative when convincing my RSS reader to read the static XML file, but it was an extremely minor hurdle.

Math-Combinatorics (0.09) *****

I haven't used all the features of this module, just the permutation portion of it. I found the documentation easy to understand and it helped me greatly in quickly replacing a portion of existing code. I especially liked the iterator "next_permutation()". I initially created a recursive algorithm and replaced it with Math::Combinatorics as Math::Combinatorics was much quicker. Not only was it faster than my recursive alg, it was also correct; which deserves applause for something that claims to be at some ?arbitrary? version less than 1.

CGI-Builder (1.36) *

Please read through the reviews on this (CGI-Builder Ratings) page!! At the point of this review, 0 people found all posts (other than OVID's) useful.

Do look into the source before using.

I took a look at the links that OVID posted and at the code, ignoring style issues (which is pretty hard to do), it appeared that (according to the article) the install had some vulnerabilities. I browsed through the code and couldn't find the Makefile.PL with the vulnerability, and may be furthered by the "anonymous" posts in the perlmonks article mentioned by OVID; where the author? mentions that he has removed the LWP call to his own domain. He then posts the reasons he added the counter in the first place along with his opinions on privacy:

Clearly CPAN ratings is somewhat lacking in it's ability to provide appropriate "Ratings". At this point it does a simple tally without taking into account how *Useless* everybody has found the prior comments.

Curses-UI (0.95) ****

There is sufficient documentation and examples to come up and start using the generic features of Curses-UI quickly. Read through the perldocs on callbacks and find any attributes that aren't immediately covered in the examples.

As mentioned in another review, there's not much layout support; so you'll be counting offsets (unless somebody makes a layout object).

Curses::UI was easy to install in cygwin. I also like the fact that this has been made POE friendly (Curses::UI::POE).