Reviews by mp


Net-SMTP-TLS (0.12) *****

Unlike Net::SMTP, password authentication actually works.

Thank you for all of your work!

libnet (1.22) ***

Net::SMTP doesn't perform smtp authentication on windows. Use net::smtp::tls instead and turn off tls.

HTTP-Server-Simple (0.27) *

Install fails on win32 strawberry-perl distro. A GNU-based perl for win32.

Perl-Dist-Strawberry (0.1.2) *****

An excellent alternative to other win32 perl distributions!

No proprietary tools required!.

Cpan repository is about as reliable as the more proprietary perl distribution, so there is no reason to use proprietary tools with great GNU alternatives.

OpenSSL (0.09) ***

This is a Unixes only module.

Won't work in win32.

Net-Ping-External (0.11) *****

Works great on win2k and XP, Debian Sarge and Suse 9.3.

Keep up the good work!

UniLog (0.14) *

According to perl 5.8.8 on win32 none of the Log_debug, log_info, etc. type variables are allowed when running in strict mode.

NetServer-SMTP (0.01) *

Per an email from the author, "No. Leafmail doesn't do local delivery *AT ALL* -- it is not a full SMTP server, it's just a gizmo to spool outgoing mail from an SMTP- aware client until you go online via modem to throw it at a smarthost... And I haven't maintained it in seven years."

Consider it abandoned

SMTP-Server (1.1) *

$server = new Net::SMTP::Server($host, $port);

Can't locate object method "new" via package Net::SMTP::Server

Doesn't work in windows.