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Text-Table (1.102) *****

This is a great module :) It really saves the programmer
from all of the printf formatting requirments.
The learning curve is kinda steep. The programmer
really needs to read the docs!
Overall a great module!

DBD-Ingres (0.39) **

I use this module a lot :) Building the module is nasty on HPUX
during the make I would receive this error.
"dbdimp.c", line 1: error 4036: Can't open include file '/cyp/gtac01/unixtacapps/ingres/files/eqdef.h'.
I had to edit the dbdimp.c file and change the include file
from eqdef.h to eqdefc.h and the module will compile.

The module is missing cached statements so it will not work
with Apache::DBI :(

This module needs much work.

DateTime (0.1601) *****

Great Module!! Still in development