Reviews by Sergey


Excel-Writer-XLSX (0.76) *****

Thank You!

It's very usefull!

my file that contains up to 500k strings log file
5 sec and i get the xlsx file (just pentium 4 1core, i think on core3 or higher it will be fastest)
over ~~ 30 sheets (by circle or recursion)
over ~~ 50 col on each other (by circle or recursion)
over ~~ 5000 row on each other (by circle or recursion)
merge on the top
and freeze left and top
paint the label of the sheets
paint the cols
paint all of all!)) even border!
possible to formulas
Very great module! (my code is 130 strings code)

documentation is super the highest! it's like see below => (c) 5 minutes and it's ready

i'm repeating, sorry for my english, i hope u understand me)

very useful module, my work is easy now)
my head(top-brass) use the windows :-(
but i don't know it
i do it by linux, perl 5-14, and your GREAT JOB now))

Sergey, Russia