Reviews by Tim Meyer


Graph (0.91) *****

excellent module.
i'm only in the beginning of using it, mainly for social network analysis.

feature request:
it would be nice to have for analysis like degreeCentrality and betweenness the option to get normalized values.

good job


Algorithm-SocialNetwork (0.07) *

The idea is good and the numbers seem to some out correct but two advices to make the module more user-friendly
i) please do not use Spiffy, rather have 10 extra lines but a code that is way more readable.
ii) you might want to think about make it direct child of Graph::Undirected to inherit its methods

besides that, good job

WWW-PDB (0.00_03) ****

very useful. everybody working in structural biology has at some point written similar code and this package would have saved me loads of time if it had existed earlier!

please make sure it gets out of the developer status asap so installation becomes easier (using cpan command line)