Reviews by Adam Monsen


Time-modules (2003.1126) *****

Time::ParseDate is quite useful.

Email-Send (1.43) *****

Works great!

Mail-SpamAssassin-SpamCopURI (0.22) *****

Indispensable. Hits about 80% of my spam, a tribute to its effectiveness. Thanks for writing this, Eric!

perl-ldap (0.3202) ***

The lower-than-5 rating is because Net::LDAP seems slow.

Net-IRC (0.75) *****

Works great! No complaints. The API is clean and easy to use. A simple example is included in the distribution which makes quick time of getting to work with Net::IRC.

Text-DoubleMetaphone (0.07) *****

Excellent implementation of Philips' double metaphone algorithm. Fun to play with. I wonder if Google uses it...

Email-Valid (0.15) *****

The de facto standard for validating that email addresses are RFC-822 compliant. That and the scariest regex I've ever seen.

WWW-Mechanize (0.70) *****

Best way to script a Web robot. Period.

CGI-Minimal (1.10) *****

Lightweight, fast, works as promised. Good alternative to