Reviews by Shawn Boyette


DBM-Deep (1.0007) *****

Works as expected, works as documented, works perfectly. I'm using it for tied array type stuffs, with the tie semantics. Awesome, easy, and so very useful.

Devel-Cover (0.55) *****

Watching coverage numbers slowly climb is deeply satisfying in a horribly nerdy way. Seeing colors change (for the better) is even nicer. D::C fits really well into my development style of implementing things one tiny piece at a time and testing for goodness as I go. So, so good.

XML-RAI (1.2) *

Good lord. This is such a good idea, but it's implemented so badly. Iterating over a 13k RSS feed from the BBC chewed up 135M of memory before I killed it. Aside from that, it's really quite nice.

HTML-Template (2.7) *****

I can find no flaws. It just does its job, exactly as advertised, in a straightforward manner. Yay!