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MasonX-Interp-WithCallbacks (1.12) ****

No matter how much you love Mason, the first time you go to internationalize a site and realized that you have a bunch of code mixed in with your html, and that that means code duplication or worse to make it work, you will get the MVC religion.

MasonX-Interp-WithCallbacks is not perfect---honestly, the docs presume a lot about your already understanding the concepts, which isn't necessarily the case; a small sample application might help people understand it more quickly---but it's a mature model, and you can do many powerful things with it; it has allowed me to produce very clean code with a clear separation between controller and view.

XML-Generator-DBI (1.00) *****

Wow. I was impressed with the module the first time I used it, which was for a fairly straightforward report, but having just worked on some reporting that pretty much required the Grouping features, I have to say this is an incredibly useful and capable module.