Reviews by Matisse Enzer


Test-Class (0.26) *****

An excellent tool for testing complex object-oriented code, especially where inheritance is in use.

The interface is based on the well-known xUnit style and will be reasonably familiar to programmers who have used jUnit, and similar tools. Test::Class mixes very nicely with non-xUnit tests so you do have to choose one way or the other.

Test-Unit (0.25) ****

I like Test::Unit - it makes it much easier to create tests that are isolated from each other.

One annoyance: Unless you specify a list of tests to run, the tests arerun in random order. It would be nicer if the default was to run tests in the order in which they appear - maybe doing a simple search through the file for the 'sub' declarations could help fix this. I'll have a look...

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