Reviews by Martin McGrath


WWW-Mechanize (1.73)

To this day I find WWW::Mechanize an indispensable part of my toolkit. In these JavaScript heavy days I still use WWW::Mechanize for automation as well as some testing. For anything requiring JavaScript/AJAX I use WWW::Mechanize::Firefox

CGI-Application (4.50) *****

Over the years I've use CGI::Application as the guts for many web based tools. While you could argue that it's somewhat dated it does what it says on the tin.

WWW-Mechanize-Firefox (0.74) *****

Fantastic module, my go to tool for automating and testing web based interfaces

Bundle-Git-LongList1 (0.02)

Yet another pointless module, as bad as Task::Mechanistic. Please stop polluting CPAN with such modules.

Task-Mechanistic (0.02) *

Why create a module to do what cpan WWW::Mechanize will do? There is no need for this.