Reviews by Mark Thomas


Apache2-AuthenNTLM (0.02) *

Doesn't seem to work in IE 6 or IE 7 (apache 2.2.6, mod_perl 2.03). Works in Firefox and Safari though.

Array-Diff (0.02) *

What does this offer over List::Compare?

HTML-GoogleMaps (2)

Why is this module in the HTML:: namespace? Shouldn't it be in the WWW:: namespace with all the other web API stuff?

Rose (0.014) *

Splitting Rose up into separate pieces is a mistake, IMHO. It should be one distribution.

If you've got modules that could be useful outside of Rose, they shouldn't be in the Rose namespace.

WWW-Mechanize-TWiki (0.05) *

If you can't be bothered to even change the "blah blah blah" or anything else from the vanilla h2xs output, why'd you even bother to submit the module?

IOToolkit (1.28.45) *

Poorly named. Seems a bit scatterbrained. According to the description, it provides a human-readable logfile. That's nice, but why have a method to create SQL code to insert a hash table into a database?

At this point anyway, it doesn't seem to warrant a top-level distribution. It would probably be better in the Log:: namespace. And the author should look at DBIx::Hash2Table before sticking routines like that into this module.

Kwiki (0.33) *****

This truly is "kwik" to install. I wish all software was this easy to install. The architecture is great, too: plugins, TT2--what else could you possibly want? Well, perhaps some actual documentation in the PODs.

DBD-mysql-SimpleMySQL (0.5) *

If you are looking for a simple database abstraction layer that allows you to avoid SQL ugliness, I recommend Class::DBI instead of this module.