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CPAN-Mini (0.20) *****

Well, having your local mirror of CPAN is just sooo useful when you are disconnected from the Internet and that you need to install or upgrade some modules. Combined with the autoinstall features of CPAN/CPANPLUS, installing a module is now extremely quick.

A very big thank for this module

HTTP-Proxy (0.13) ****

A geek toy. That's what HTTP::Proxy is, but not just a geek toy, but a darn good geek toy :-)

Module-Starter (1.22) *****

Module::Starter is THE way to create a good Perl distribution: it creates the hierarchy of a modern distribution, adds .pm files with a good default set of code and documentation, includes a default set of tests. It allows the use of both Module::Build and ExtUtils::MakeMaker, which should satisfy any user. Recent versions have also become completly object-oriented so that any part can be customized. It just does The Right Thing(tm) and should be recommanded in perlnewmod instead of h2xs.

Plus Andy Lester is a very reactive author :-)

HTML-Template (2.6) *****

HTML::Template is more than just a Perl module: it's a very simple and very clean templating syntax, perfect for an easy separation of code and presentation. And it's also available in other programming languages (Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and even Lisp), which is a real plus because you can share the same templates between web designers, Perl developpers and (for example) Java developpers.